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Crate Rental

Moving your business – whether to the other side of the country or just to the other side of the corridor – can present significant challenges. No more so than the packaging and moving various pieces of equipment safely with everything to arrived undamaged.

Plastic crate rental is one way forward in making sure that items can be transported safely and without damage. You can, of course, employ specialist removal firms (if you have the budget) and you will find that they use plastic crates, with attached teeth-like lids. If you are planning to move your office (or home) yourself, there are many firms offer crate rental at incredibly competitive prices.

Here at Crates Online we offer plastic crate rental at great prices across the whole range. Our crates are both stackable when loaded and closed, and when empty they conveniently nest inside each other for easy storage.

Currently we offer 6 types of crates for rental, all which fulfil a variety of uses;

·         The Personal Crate (LC1) is a compact, bijou box with the trademark teeth-like lid offering secure storage for a variety of items. Essentially the personal crate is for small, light and personal items such as desk content, journals and other stationary equipment.

·         The Standard Crate (LC3) is the next largest box available for crate rental with Crates Online. This standard size box is robust and strong, and is a great way of transporting paperwork and files etc. during a move. The lid, as with our other plastic crates, is integral to the box and when firmly closed can be stacked.

·         The Book Mover (A6) is the plastic crate for you if there are a large volume of books to move! This clever box cannot be over stuffed with books, like large cardboard boxes can. Too many books can be difficult (and dangerous!) to lift and the sheer weight of the load will cause anything other than the most robust plastic to tear and fall apart. The booker mover box does not allow this and is also versatile being a great way to transport a ‘lateral filing system’, meaning your filing system won’t be out of place or order on arrival at their destination.

·         The Metre Crate (LC6) is a popular crate rental item. Similar to the Book Mover, but with an integral lid, this Metre Crate offers added protection and security to the contents. The added benefit of the hinged ld means that crates can be stacked as they are packed, waiting to be moved. On being emptying at their destination, these crates ‘nest’ taking very little space.

Moving offices, or even a home study, means moving expensive IT equipment. Once again, Crates Online has the answer with two popular products with crate rental customers;

·         The Computer Crate (IT1) is specifically designed to securely hold a 21” computer monitor, most sizes of computer processing ‘tower’ as well as the various items of IT paraphernalia such as your mouse, keyboard etc.

·         The Flat screen Computer Crate (IT2) has been specificially designed and created to move and store flat screen monitors along with the usual computer accessories. The idea with any packaging is that the items are packed securely and snugly (but not too tightly fitted together) so that there is minimal movement, meaning there is less likelihood of damage to items.

No matter what you are moving and where, here at crates Online we have the best crate rental prices on offer. Give us a call and see how we could help you.





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