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When moving your office, whether it be within the same building or to a totally new location it is important to store your desk items and other office items safely and securely. That is where 'plastic crates' play an important role.


If you have the budget to employ a specialised offices moves / logistics company you will notice that they use plastic crates (with attached teeth-like lids) to move your office items, such as IT equipment, desk items, storage cupboard contents and files. These large containers generally come in standard sizes (and have industry code names) and are produced especially for office and general moves. As a matter of importance, the attached lids can be securely fastened with tamper evident security seals, which is vital if private files are to be stored or if you are keeping valuable items inside, such as IT equipment. If however, you don't have the budget to employ a moves company then these crates can be purchased from a reputable plastic container and storage handling supplier. Before you purchase them it's best to know the correct size crate you need, although a good supplier should be able to help and advise you if are still unsure. Listed below are the common crates used during office moves, with details which will assist you in making the right choice when considering plastic crates.


1. Capacity: 54 Litres

External dimensions: 600 x 400 x 320mm
Internal dimensions: 508 x 335 x 285mm
Weight: 3.2 kg


Storage use: 54 Litre crates are ideal for storing lever arch files (7 arch files facing up), laptops, wires, gang sockets, peripherals, paperwork, desk drawer items. This crate is easier to handle by a single person and better suited for carrying up and down stairs by 1 person. You can even purchase a dolly (low cost trolley) and stack the containers on top of each other for easy transportation.


Other details: Security/tamper evident seals can be fitted. Adhesive labels and drop in identity cards can be applied.


2. Capacity: 80 Litres

External dimensions: 710 x 460 x 368mm
Internal dimensions: 597 x 374 x 330mm
Weight: 4.3 kg


Storage use: 80 Litre crates are commonly known as LC3 Crates in the moves industry and perhaps the most common crates used for office moves. They are able to take the contents of filing cabinet drawers and hold more items than the 54 Litre crate, however if filled to the brim this container may require 2 people to move. As mentioned in the details for the 54 Litre crate, dollies are perfect for transporting crates, the crates can even be stacked on top of each other for less return trips.


Other details: Security/tamper evident seals can be fitted. Adhesive labels and drop in identity cards can be applied.


3. Capacity: 122 Litres

External dimensions: 735 x 575 x 472mm
Internal dimensions: 560 x 470 x 400mm
Weight: 6.5 kg


Storage use: The 122 Litre crate is also commonly known as an IT3 Computer Crate. Much like the IT1 Crate (165 Litre crate listed below) this crate is used for storing computers but with flat screen LCD monitors, along with all its peripherals, including the base unit.


Other details: Security/tamper evident seals can be fitted. Adhesive labels and drop in identity cards can be applied.


4. Capacity: 126 Litres

External dimensions: 1150 x 480 x 365mm
Internal dimensions: 980 x 370 x 310mm
Weight: 7 kg


Storage use: Commonly known as an LC6 Crate or 'morbidly' a coffin crate due to its shape. This metre long plastic crate is ideal for storing the shelf contents of storage cupboards without disrupting the order of contents. It also makes packing and unpacking quicker as sorting of the shelf's items isn't needed, just pick up and place contents in and out. 2 people are usually required to move these crate and they can be conveniently stacked upon each other, plus nested when not in use.


Other details: Security/tamper evident seals can be fitted. Adhesive labels and drop in identity cards can be applied.


5. Capacity: 165 Litres

External dimensions: 735 x 575 x 623mm
Internal dimensions: 540 x 450 x 560mm
Weight: 7.9 kg


Storage use: The 165 Litre crate is also known as an IT (1) Crate or 'Computer Crate' in the moves industry. It is suitable for up to 21" CRT PC monitors (monitors with big backs, tubes) along with keyboard, desktop unit and peripherals.


Other details: Security/tamper evident seals can be fitted. Adhesive labels and drop in identity cards can be applied.


Plastic crates can also be stacked and nested. Nesting is ideal for saving valuable storage space when not in use (up to 80%).


You may well ask the question, is hiring crates an option? Yes it is, but it's worth noting that hire companies will charge you for the period of time you use them. As with many moves (especially house moves) you may wish to keep the contents contained for quite along period resulting in higher than necessary hire charges. High quality crates are cheap to buy (if you find a good supplier) and can easily be sold-on through auction sites, meaning it can be much more cost effective to purchase your own plastic crates rather than actually hiring them. Some suppliers even offer used plastic crates at very low prices. Plastic crates are also ideal for general storage after the move has taken place and will serve you for a very long time.


Please note, all dimensions and weights are listed as a general guide and may differ very slightly between plastic crate suppliers.



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